PVAAS – What and Why?

What Is PVAAS and Why Do We Use It?

PVAAS stands for Pennsylvania’s Value-Added Assessment System. It is a statistical analysis used to measure district’s, school’s, or teacher’s influence on the academic progress rates of groups of students from year to year.

The state only uses Keystone and PSSA test scores for their analysis, not individual grades given by the school.

Southern’s PVAAS Process

Here in Southern York County School District we are very thorough with our PVAAS submission. We typically have three phases of review to get the most accurate data possible before we submit our information to the state. 

Our PVAAS data is gathered by the state during a PIMS collection in the end of March. The PVAAS system pulls from PIMS while teachers fill out “Gap Period” sheets.

PVAAS Roster Verification opens for teachers and Assistant Principals hand out Final Summary sheets in the beginning of May.

PVAAS Login Help

If you forget your username or password, please go to the PVAAS homepage. There is a “Forgot Username or Password” Link under where you would log in. The district doesn’t maintain these accounts for security purposes.

If you forget your PPID number, please go to https://www.perms.ed.state.pa.us/Screens/wfProfessionalPersonnelID.aspx. It is a trustworthy site that can call up your PPID very quickly.

PVAAS Header Definitions

Student + Teacher Enrollment

This comes from the dates the student is present and combines it with the dates the teacher is present, as shown in the example below.

This example uses the dates for the Reading PSSA. Let’s say a teacher is here the whole year so the number for this student depends on when he was present. I have three sets of dates for this student:

8/24/2016-9/19/2016 = Full time with you (19 school days)

9/20/2016-11/8/2016 = Part time with you (Part time with a specialist) (34 school days)

11/9/2016-3/10/2017 = Full time until withdrawal (73.5 school days)

The system calculated his time spent with you as 91% while he was at this district.

Full or Partial % of Instruction

This comes from a combination of the previous dates and the percentages teachers provide through the school year.

This example uses the dates for the Reading PSSA. I have three sets of percentages for this student:

19 school days = 100% with you

34 school days = 67% with you (33% with specialist – this wouldn’t apply to your numbers)

73.5 school days = 100% with you until withdrawal

The system calculated his percent of instruction with you as 91% while he was at this district.


This heading combines both of the above together. If you taught him for 91% of the year with a percentage of instruction at 91%, then you would be responsible for 82% of his instruction from the beginning of the year until the date of the Reading PSSA (3/31/2017).

All other questions or issues please contact the Help Desk at ext. 7262 or Heather at ext. 7331