Most classrooms are equipped with a printer and projector to make the educational environment more effecient. Please see below for some helpful hints and quick fixes for printers and projectors.

Projector Help

My projector won’t project what’s on my computer!

If you are using a Dell Latitude E5420 (the bigger teacher Dells), make sure that everything is plugged into the dock. If the computer still won’t work then use the Windows-P method and put it in Duplicate mode. For further help on projector modes, please click here.

If you are using a Vostro 1400, make sure that your VGA cable is connected properly and securely. This fixes a majority of projector problems from odd hues to blank screens.

Printer Help

My printer is jammed!

If you have a paper jam, make sure that you open the front and the back doors to see if you can access the jam. Often times unjamming is as simple as opening the printer’s back door and having a piece of paper fall out. If the jam doesn’t fall right out but seems to be barely stuck, or if you know exactly how to remove the toner to better access the jam, you may try removing it. Do not try to remove a jam if you think that you won’t be able to get the whole paper out. If you are ever unsure about clearing a jam, one of our technicians will be glad to come out and clear it for you.

The best way to avoid jams is to not overfill your printer’s paper tray. Filling it to the halfway point will help your printer live longer.


As always, if you require further assistance feel free to contact the district Help Desk