If Nothing is Projecting

If your projector isn’t throwing an image at all, there are a number of settings or hardware issues that can be at fault. The steps listed below should solve most projection problems.

Projection Options

  • The first and easiest setting to check is the Projection options.
  • Press the Windows key and the P key at the same time to bring up the Projection Options menu.
Extending/Duplicating Display (Projector) - IT Support
  • Select Duplicate to make both displays match. This can be changed later based on preferences, but setting them to Duplicate will force the images to sync up.
  • If everything displays properly in Duplicate mode, you can then transfer to Extend if you prefer.
  • Please note: if your Desktop background is dark, it can make it look like the projector isn’t projecting in Extend Mode. To test this, drag something over to the display to verify whether it is displaying or not.

  • To check Projection options on a Chromebook, ensure that the Connections are secure then click on the time at the bottom right of the screen. Select the Settings Gear. You can either search the word Displays or on the left hand menu select Device>Displays.
  • If everything is connected correctly, you should have a button that says “Mirror this Display”. Click that and the image should appear onscreen.
How to Connect a Chromebook to a TV With or Without an Adapter
  • You could also press the key combination shortcut below to Mirror the Display if you are sure all is connected properly.

  • To check Projection options on a Mac, ensure that the Connections are secure then click on the Apple Menu in the upper-left corner and select System Preferences.
  • Click on the Displays icon then click on the Detect Displays button to sync the display.
  • If the Detect Displays button is not available, hold down the Option key on the keyboard to view it.
  • Click on the Arrangement tab and check the box next to Mirror Displays to duplicate the display.
  • You may need to adjust your MacBook’s resolution for an optimal image. Click on the Display tab and then click on the Scaled option. Other selectable resolutions can be viewed by holding down the Option key on the keyboard and then clicking on the Scaled option.
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Check the Connections

  • If you are using a desktop, make sure that the display cable running from the back of the desktop tower to the wall box is securely connected. This is usually done by unplugged the plugging back in firmly and tightening it into place when needed.
  • If you are using a laptop with a dock, make sure that the laptop is securely seated and locked into the dock and make sure that the display cable from the dock to the wall box is securely connected.
  • If you are using a laptop or Chromebook with an adapter, make sure that the cable from the wall to the adapter is secure and that the adapter is securely connected to the laptop.
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Check the Projector

  • First, make sure that the projector is fully turned on and hasn’t fallen into sleep mode.
  • If there is an amber light on the projector, press the power button on your remote twice to turn it off, give it a minute or two and then turn it back on.
  • Be sure that the plastic cover on the lens of the projector is open the whole way. Even if it’s bumped a little bit, it won’t display anything.
  • If there is a flashing red light on the projector and it isn’t projecting anything then your lamp bulb may have blown and you will need to contact the Help Desk.
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The Projected Image is Off-Colored

  • If your display suddenly has a strange hue to it, it could be a sign that there is an issue with your display cable.
  • Make sure that the cable is plugged in securely to the computer and the wall box.
  • If securing the connection doesn’t resolve the issue then contact the Help Desk as a replacement cable would most likely be needed.
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The Image is Projecting Upside-Down

  • To resolve this issue, press and hold the Mute A/V button on your remote for 10 seconds or until the display flips.
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My Remote Doesn’t Work or Is Missing

  • If your remote doesn’t work then contact the Help Desk for new batteries.
  • If your remote is missing or broken beyond repair then contact the Help Desk for a replacement.
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If you require assistance or have a question that is not answered here then contact the Help Desk at or at 717-235-4811 extension 7262.