Most quick fix problems are solved by a hard reset.a slate blue, metallic dell logo on a charcoal background

Hard restarts usually fix errors such as “My drive isn’t mapping,” “My internet connection isn’t working,” “This program won’t start,” and many other mystery problem. It is always best to try a restart first.

To Perform a Hard Reset:

  1. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds or until the computer shuts off completely
  2. Wait 5 seconds then turn the computer back on

If that doesn’t work: Try to Restart from the Windows menu which will update any missing plug-ins or drivers.

Internet connection issues

For the Dell Vostro 1400s and teacher-issued Dell Latitudes, there are hardware switches on the front-left, near the status light. Make sure that they are switched on. If you continue having trouble then make sure that you are connected to the Southern WiFi network or that you are hooked up to an Ethernet cable. Laptops will always connect to the Internet through their docks. If you have a connection issue with a docked laptop while it is connected to its dock then it likely not a computer issue, so please give us a call. 

As always, if you need further assistance feel free to contact the district Help Desk.