Web Filter

example of the Securly blocked screen seen when trying to access a site that is blocked

To assure that our students are safe while using all of the technology available to them, we have taken many steps to block any web media that could potentially cause worry, harm, or offense. Here are some helpful tips on how to work with our district web filters.


If you are bringing a personal device with the intent to use it with our district network, you must download a security certificate. Downloading the security certificate will allow you to use our network without being blocked from every website you try to visit. Any searches will still be protected by our content filter.


No Secure Connection Error:

If you are getting an error saying that your connection is not private then you are likely having a certificate issue. Go to the links above, select the correct one for your situation, and download your Securly certificate. If the problem persists then please e-mail the Help Desk with a short description of the problem and the link you are trying to access.

Teacher Safelisting:

We have a new feature through our content filter (Securly) that allows teachers to temporarily unblock websites without submitting a request. This is in an effort to help streamline our approach in allowing students to access educational content. To learn more about teacher safelisting please click here.

Youtube Unblocking:

YouTube is currently set in “Restricted Mode” for our district network.  YouTube’s restricted mode updates regularly, so it is not uncommon that a video that is available one day may be blocked the next. You can tell that a video falls under YouTube’s restricted mode if you get the screen below.

an example of the restricted mode screen that comes up when one tries to view a restricted youtube video in safe mode.

How to get past Restricted Mode

  1. Open a new tab, and go to another page that you know is blocked. (Pinterest, etc.)
  2. When you see the teacher login page, login.
  3. Return to the tab with the video that is blocked
  4. At the bottom of the page there will be a box that says “Restricted Mode: On”
  5. Click on this box, and check the box that says”Off”
  6. Click save, and the page will refresh automatically, playing the video

Note: If the video falls under the restricted mode, students will not be able to view the video on individual machines. To have the video unblocked for student view, you may send the videos link to the Help Desk to be reviewed and unblocked accordingly.