Chrome Remote Desktop

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Open the Mac or PC that you want to control with your Chromebook
  • Go to the Google Chrome Webstore and search “Chrome Remote Desktop”
    • Select the App as shown belowchrome remote desktop app in the chrome store
  • Click the blue “Add to Chrome” and a pop up will appear asking if you want to add the app
    • Select “Add app”example of the add chrome remote desktop app pop up
  • Chrome Remote Desktop should automatically appear in your list of apps which can be accessed through the colorful waffle menu in the far left side of the Bookmarks Bar.
  • Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop app and when prompted with the pop up below select “Continue”example of the authorize computer pop up
  • You will also be prompted to allow Chrome Remote Desktop access to use your account
    • Select “Allow”

example of permissions pop up

  •  Under “My Computers” select “Get Started” Remote assistance option on top, my computers underneath
  • Assign your computer a PIN to prevent unwanted access then click “OK”

example of Pin prompt pop up

  • Your PC or Mac should now be listed under “My Computers
  • To install Chrome Remote Desktop onto your Chromebook follow the steps above 
  • You will be prompted to grant extended access permissions to your computers again
    • Click continue as beforeexample of the authorize computer pop up
  • Allow the app access to your account as beforeexample of permissions pop up
  • The computers you wish to control remotely should now be listed under “My Computer”
  • Click on the computer that you want to take over
    • Enter your PIN for it and select “Connect”example of pin entry prompt
  • The desktop of the remote computer should not appear on your screen with a blue dropdown menu
    • This menu tells you what computer you are connected to and includes capture screen mode, ctrl+alt+del commands, viewing options, and a Disconnect buttonchrome remote desktop top menu bar

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