Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Access

On the device that you would like to access your chromebook from:

  • Click the download button under the Set Up Remote Access headerdownload_crd
  • Click the blue “Add to Chrome” and a pop up will appear asking if you want to add the app
    • Select “Add app”
    • example of the add chrome remote desktop app pop up
  • Turn on Remote Accessturnoncrd.png
  • Name your computer something recognizable, appropriate and easy to remembernamecrd.png
  • Choose a memorable 6-digit PIN number, this will be what you use to access this computer every time you use Chrome Remote Desktop.

To install Chrome Remote Desktop onto your Chromebook follow the steps above 

  • You will be prompted to grant extended access permissions to your computers again
    • Click continue as before
  • Allow the app access to your account as before
  • The computers you wish to control remotely should now be listed under “My Computer”
  • Click on the computer that you want to take over
    • Enter your PIN for it and select “Connect”example of pin entry prompt
  • The desktop of the remote computer should not appear on your screen with a blue dropdown menu
    • This menu tells you what computer you are connected to and includes capture screen mode, ctrl+alt+del commands, viewing options, and a Disconnect buttonchrome remote desktop top menu bar

Remote Support/Share My Screen

On the device that you would like to share access to:

  • Copy the code provided and share it with the person that you want to grant access to
  • Please note: Each code only has a 5 minute window to be entered so make sure the receiver is ready to enter it as soon as possible to prevent it from expiring

On the device that you would like to have access your chromebook:

  • Open
  • Select the Share My Screen option, this may also appear as a tab labeled Remote Support
  • Paste the code that you were given under the Connect to Another Computer option then click Connect

You will have access until either user terminates the link. Once it is closed, you would have to start over again.

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