examples of our dell and msi chrome kiosks, both opened but turned off

Chrome Kiosks

Chrome Kiosks serve as our homemade answer to the need for elementary technology. They are re-purposed laptop computers configured to work like Chromebooks.

Please see below for some common quick fixes or click here for the device directions sheet.

What to do if a Chrome Kiosk doesn’t have wifi connection:

  1. Try restarting the Chrome Kiosk
  2. Try pressing “fn”+”f11” for an MSI or “fn”+”f6” for a Dell
  3. Use “ctrl”+”alt”+”del” to make sure that airplane mode is turned off
  4. You should get a blue screen that will give you the option to  choose a network
  5. Choose the “Student” network.

General Kiosk Help

To brighten or darken the screen on an MSI kiosk hit “fn”+“f5” to brighten the screen or “fn”+“f4” to darken it. To brighten or darken the screen on a Dell Kiosk hit “fn” + “” to brighten the screen or “↓” to darken.

To logoff hit the Windows key

a snappy picture of a shiny, dark colored MSI and a brilliant blue Latitude Chrome Kiosk

CDTs on Chrome Kiosk

We have a new feature on the Chrome Kiosks that will allow students to take the CDTs on their student computers. Each Kiosk is equipped with the DRC software used to take the CDT tests.
To Open the Software:
  • Open the Kiosk, it should automatically open onto your building’s homepage
    • If it does not open to the homepage, press the logout button
  • Press “ctrl”+”alt”+”c” to bring up the DRC software
    • If you are using a Mac Kiosk, use “control”+”option”+”c”
  • Wait a moment and the DRC Menu will come up, it may take a moment
  • You may begin testing as you would on any other computer.
To Exit the Test:
  • To close the software choose to “Exit to the Main Menu”
  • Next, click “Exit” in the bottom right corner
  • This should bring you back to your building’s homepage and you may logout as normal

If you are still having trouble contact the Help Desk and we will be happy to help you further.