Apple Devices

We have many Apple products in use in our district.A stack of milky colored school Macbooks with a slight blue tint from filtering. All are closed except for the top macbook which is opened but turned off. We use iMacs loaded with the latest Adobe software for arts and design classes. MacBooks for various classes and for our itinerant teachers. Finally, there are MacMinis for many of our more stationary faculty members.

Elementary students have the opportunity to use iPads. These devices help them learn reading, writing, and math facts. Below are a few important directions on how to effectively use the iPads in the classrooms.

Closing Applications on the iPads

On Apple products, applications can still run in the background even though there is no visible evidence that they are open. These secretly open applications can drain the battery faster. The trick to officially closing apps is to “Tap-Tap-Swipe.”

The Tap-Tap-Swipe Process:

  1. Double press (“tap”) the Home button
  2. Observe that the screen has changed to display all running applications
  3. Swipe upwards on the apps you want to close
  4. If you want to clear all apps, swipe until only a small version of the Home Screen is visible
  5. Press the Home button once again to return to the Home Screen

the silver back of a school iPad, showing off the official apple logo.The Importance of Incognito Mode (3rd Grade Specifically)

The only browser on the iPads is Safari. When used on a shared iPad it will remember the student’s log in information. The best way to avoid this and maintain privacy is to use Incognito mode. Furthermore, students will benefit from learning about incognito mode so that they can utilize this feature when using other shared devices.


Steps to put Safari into Incognito Mode:

1. Open Safari
2. Select the double boxes in the top right of the screen, next to the URL bar.
3. Select the Private option that appears in the top right of the screen.
4. Private will be highlighted in white. Press the “Done” button to the right of “Private” to continue.
5. Once in incognito mode the search bars will be a dark grey. Even if you shut down the app completely, it will remain in incognito mode until it is manually switched back.
6. To switch Safari out of incognito mode, follow the same steps above. (Private will become un-highlighted).

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