Parent Tutorial for Using MyConferenceTime

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A link for MyConferenceTime can be found on the Parent Portal of the District Website or you can type in order to sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please review the following tutorial to understand how to schedule/change conferences with your student’s teachers.

**NOTE: You may only schedule a conference with one teacher per time slot. If you need to set up one conference with multiple teachers, please contact the building main office.

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  • Select the number of students you need to make conferences for, and click continue.
  • Fill out all applicable information for each student.
  • Please be sure to include an email address. You will be receiving a detailed automated email for each conference you schedule.
  • Select the your student’s teachers that you wish to meet with. You can verify your student’s teachers through the Sapphire Community Web Portal.
  • Select the date for which you wish to create a conference.
  • Review the various times the teachers have available. If a teacher is not available in a time slot, that time slot will be grayed out. If a teacher is not available on the day you selected, you will not see a schedule for that teacher.
  • Click the checkbox next to the appropriate student’s name under the appropriate teacher’s column. Click the checkboxes for each conference you would like to schedule.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Sign Up for Selected Conferences” when you are finished.
  • You will receive emails from MyConferenceTime for each conference you schedule.


If you do not have internet access or you have questions regarding scheduling, please contact the main office of the building your student attends.