Printing from Teacher Chromebook

Printing from Teacher Chromebook to Classroom Printer – LIMITED SUPPORT

The Technology department provides full support for teachers to print to select locations in their respective schools using their Chromebooks. This includes troubleshooting any problems teachers may encounter with these selected printers.

However, it is possible for a classroom printer to be added to a teacher’s available Google Cloud Print options.  The process utilizes the Chrome web browser installed on the computer that is attached directly to the printer (through the network or otherwise), and therefore requires that the teacher trying be logged in to the target computer when trying to print. Because the computer must be configured to stay awake permanently, the process first requires a teacher to first complete the laptop to desktop exchange.

Note, however, that the Technology Department will only provide limited support for this process, through the Tech Shed.

After exchanging their laptop for a desktop, a teacher may attempt the following on their own or contact a member of the Tech-Shed for assistance.

  1. Login to the desktop attached to the classroom printer.
  2. Login to the Chrome browser with account.
  3. Enter chrome://devices in the URL address bar.
  4. Click the Add Printers button under Classic Printers.
  5. Uncheck all listed items except the classroom printer and click the Add Printer(s) button.
  6. The classroom printer is now available when printing from the Chromebook.

It is strongly recommended that a teacher NOT share this printer using Manage Your Printers settings.

If problems occur when printing to this printer from the Chromebook, it is recommended to delete and re-add the printer using the above steps.  First delete the printer in step 4 using the Manage button shown to the right of the printer listed under My Devices.