Teacher Safelisting

Attention Teachers

We have a new feature through our content filter (Securly) that allows teachers to temporarily unblock websites without submitting a request. This is in an effort to help streamline our approach in allowing students to access educational content. When teachers come across a site that is blocked but they deem it as valid and educational, they can click on the “Login with Google” button to make sure that it is what they want. If it is then they can open the link in Incognito mode and click on the link titled “Temporarily Allow” and enter their credentials which unblocks the site for all students for an hour. Please be aware of the following items:

  • Safelisted sites are only effective for 1 hour. After the 1 hour, the site will be blocked again.

  • Every unblock is effective for all grades, K through 12. Please remember this when evaluating a site’s content.

  • All unblocks are recorded and will be reviewed periodically.

  • If a site is available for faculty but blocked for students, try accessing the site through Incognito Mode. This will give you the same filtering as a student, allowing you to see the block page and access the Safelist.

  • If a student or faculty member would like to have a site permanently unblocked, please fill out this form for us to review.

  • This feature does not work on YouTube videos. If you have a YouTube video that you would like to have unblocked then please send the direct link to helpdesk@sycsd.org.